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Headphones, Stereo, FAQ

1:How far can be used by mobile phones?

The maximum range of work is about 30 feet, or about 10 meters, the longest distance from a mobile phone and a Bluetooth headset without an obstacle. The actual use is affected by the environment, generally 2-8 meters. Related to the specific model.Can

2. earphones be used for the cordless phone at home?

Earphones can't be used for cordless phones.

3. can headphones be used in notebook computers, desktop computers and PDA?

Headphones can be used to match Bluetooth standard or higher version and support headset and hands-free operation settings.

4. are there any devices that interfere with calls when using headphones?

Cordless phones and wireless networking devices and other appliances may interfere with the call. In order to reduce interference, keep the earphones away from other devices that use or generate radio waves.

5. can headphones interfere with electronic devices, radios or computers on cars?

The power of the earphone is far less than the ordinary phone, and the headset only signals the international Bluetooth standard, so you don't have to worry about the electronic devices that will interfere with the standard consumption level.

6. can other Bluetooth phone users hear my call?

When the headset is butted with the Bluetooth mobile phone, only the two Bluetooth devices are connected, because in the radio frequency power, the Bluetooth wireless signal is far lower than the signal generated by the ordinary mobile phone, so the third

7. sometimes you can hear a crackling murmur?

Bluetooth is a wireless technology, which means that it is very sensitive to the object between the headset and the connecting device. It should keep the distance between the headset and the connecting device about 10 meters, and ensure that no large obje

8. earphones can't hear any sound?

Turn up the headphone volume, ensure that the headset is in dock with the device being played, check whether the menu of the mobile phone has been pressed on the answering button, and make sure that the phone is connected to the earphone.

9. butt problems?

You may have deleted the docking connection in your cell phone.

10. does the headset control do not work?

Ensure that the headphones have been turned on, then press the menu button to unlock the headset control.

11. can't use the function of rejecting calls, pause calls, redial or voice dialing?

These functions depend on the ability of mobile phones to support hands-free application specifications.

12, Bluetooth has been connected, but it can't listen to the song

A single channel Bluetooth headset can listen to music by Bluetooth only when it is paired with a NOKIA phone. If you don't use a NOKIA phone, you can't listen to the music by single channel Bluetooth. Part of the phone also needs to enter the player to
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